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A supporting post for the A in PERMA (Accomplishment), grit is also a better indicator than IQ for who would win a spelling bee. Angela Duckworth has researched the importance of, and methods to build grit. Grit is the ability to maintain focus and effort towards long term goals and is often supported by self control of behaviors, emotions, and impulses within short term temptations. Duckworth’s math is:

Talent x Effort = Skill

Skills x Effort = Achievement

How Gritty are you?

Building Grit

  • Set goals based on (higher) purpose and personal interests.
  • Engage in deliberate practice. Instead of avoiding mistakes at all cost, practice intentionally to build skills.
    • Schedule a time to practice more
    • Create stretch goals
    • Give full concentration and effort
    • Look for detailed feedback in the moment
    • Repeat with reflection and refinement
    • Don’t quit when you feel frustrated or confused. To quote Jake the Dog, sucking at something is the first step to being kinda awesome
  • Hang out with grittier people.
  • Practice Self Soothing
  • Build Optimism and Hope
  • Practice self compassion, avoid negative self talk, hunt for the good stuff.

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