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The Lone Star State. Whether you sing songs about Texas like she was some old lover you used to know or are a recent transplant (looking at you California!), there is little denying that some things certainly are bigger in Texas; pride and love domineering. A place of contradiction, Texas is named for the Caddo word for “friends”. Later, an anti-littering slogan became an unofficial motto, “don’t mess with Texas”. Known for cows and cowboys / girls, The Lone Star State also reaches for the stars and always lends a hand when we hear, “Houston, we have a problem”. I often tell people there are a lot of places I like to go, but nowhere else I’d rather be from.

Texans are lucky to have landscapes as diverse as its people, offering deserts, swamps, mountains, prairies, and beaches under six different historic flags with dozens of languages and faiths practiced. Anecdotally, I can tell you from experience Texans are often proud of what makes us different, prizing independence like we’re a whole other country. Though wonderful, Texas certainly is not perfect. The same is true for us all.

If you love differently or live differently and are facing difficult personal challenges I can help. I am fortunate to serve the greater Texas area online such as: those who know the weird smells from the West in Lubbock, Chicos Taco in El Paso, the Jackalope in Austin, Deep Ellum in Dallas, the other 3 missions in San Antonio, or what it is to BE SOMEONE in Houston as well as all the beautiful places in between and around.

I specialize in providing custom fit therapy to those who practice open, nonmonogamous relationships such as polyamory and swinging, alternative lifestyles such as kink / BDSM, LGBT+, and secular or alternative faiths such as paganism. Trying to live more freely and authentically can be hard. Some struggle feeling something is wrong with them. Some people have just been polybombed, the love of their life seeming to say they’re not enough. Others, having taken the leap can’t seem to stop fighting. Feeling isolated, scared, tired, and like they’re going to lose everything.

Take a moment to imagine your life as it could be in a few months. You are in love, all over again. With your partner, a new partner, yourself, and how you live. Accepted for who you are, allowed to love in a way that feels natural, you are excited about your new life.

Coming into alternative worlds, I saw people go to amazing therapists who just didn’t understand. I watched friends spend the first few sessions teaching very experienced counsellors the vocabulary of their lifestyles. I believe you deserve a therapist that understands.