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Lauren “Ren” Reed

Lauren “Ren” Reed specializes with kink, consensual non-monogamy, and religious sexual shame. She is dual licensed as a couple and family therapist and a licensed professional counselor. Ren works from a narrative and collaborative theory. This means that she will work together with you to find solutions and explore yourself and that Ren will help you see your life as a story, and help you edit and change how the rest of the book turns out. This will happen through conversation as you discover connections and patterns in your life.
As you explore your sexual self with Ren, topics like sexual communication, sexual and gender orientation, and sexual performance anxiety may surface. Ren is prepared and educated on these topics and more. She believes that all forms of consensual sex and ethical non-monogamy should be normalized across the spectrum.

For kinksters: Ren has studied kink and BDSM for over a decade and has worked with a wide variety of interests. Working from a systemic perspective, Ren comes from a place of acceptance. Whether you’re in a kinky dynamic and are looking for a couples therapist who understands your lifestyle, or you’re brand new to kink and want education and assistance, Ren is qualified to work with you. She is ready to work with your kink and help you grow.

For consensual non-monogamists: Ren has been openly polyamorous for several years and continues to read and study what leading research has to say. If you’re just opening your relationship for the first time, Ren can work with you to create healthy boundaries and a supportive system. For long-term open couples, Ren can assist with connection, communication, and sex. You deserve a therapist who is familiar with your lifestyle and relationship status.

For religious sexual shame: Ren understands that the road to acceptance is a long one. Religion often says “no” to sexual expression and sex-positivity. Working through the thoughts in your head that tell you “no” and reducing shame can allow you to find a new sexual self, one that is well-adjusted and at peace with your history and your present. Ren has compassion and concern for those who are coping with religious shame, religious abuse, and people struggling with their sex lives in relation to their religion. Regardless of what religion, the themes of shame and guilt can run deep. If your sexual self and your religion don’t align, then Ren may be able to help.

Daniel Bernard, LPC

Many of us struggle with issues we believe we have no solution to. It seems that at every turn our problems are there, despite what we do, adding more and more weight for us to carry. That weight gets to the point that we feel so weighed down and become very self-deprecating, and at times begin to give up on ourselves. We start to think that there is no solution and we are destined to suffer. I have come to learn that within all of us lies the ability to rid ourselves of this weight. We all have the potential to learn how to deal with and solve our problems, and with counseling that potential can be reached, understood, and optimized to help us get through life’s stressors.

Specializing in working with couples, using Gottman’s Couple’s Therapy practices to assist couples with their struggles. I also specialized in assisting individuals dealing with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Substance Use, Anger, Self-Harm, Suicidal Ideation, Grief, as well a number of other issues. To assist my clients I pull from CBT, Mindfulness, Gestalt Therapy, and even from other modalities as needed.

Letting love out often involves letting love in and we're ecstatic to have these wonderful people in our party.

Cody Glover

Do you feel you have to hide who you are and how you feel? Does it ever seem like you’re just out of sync with the rest of the world? Ever wish you could just be who you are?

Howdy, my name is Cody. You’ve taken at least two monumental steps to get here. In the very least you have decided something should be different and took action. I would be ecstatic to walk beside you in this phase of self discovery and living freely as your true self.

I specialize in open, nonmonogamous relationships such as polyamory and swinging, alternative lifestyles such as kink / BDSM, LGBT+, and secular or alternative faiths such as paganism. Trying to live more freely and authentically can be hard. Some struggle feeling something is wrong with them. Some people have just been polybombed, the love of their life seeming to say they’re not enough. Others, having taken the leap can’t seem to stop fighting. Feeling isolated, scared, tired, and like they’re going to lose everything.
Take a moment to imagine your life as it could be in a few months. You are in love, all over again. With your partner, a new partner, yourself, and how you live. Accepted for who you are, allowed to love in a way that feels natural, you are excited about your new life.
Coming into alternative worlds, I saw people go to amazing therapists who just didn’t understand. I watched friends spend the first few sessions teaching very experienced counsellors the vocabulary of their lifestyles. I believe you deserve a therapist that understands. If you live differently and want a therapist that can hear you, message or call me.

Professional Credentials

I’ve been in private practice since 12/2018, have two master’s degrees; Educational Leadership and Clinical Mental Health Counseling for which I hold multiple licenses. I’m currently shopping Ph. D programs because I’m a slow learner who’s a glutton for punishment and love academic debt.

While advocating for and attempting to meet needs in struggling communities I started after school clubs for STEM, an Anime club serving as an underground Gay Student Alliance, facilitating groups at an LGBT resource center, and founding the largest polyamorous community in my area.

I’ve also worked in an alternative peer group for young adults in substance abuse, a psychiatric hospital, a long term dual diagnosis substance abuse center, and a crisis hotline.

I use an eclectic, person-centered approach. I simply can’t know what you need, until we work together. Often, but not always, during the first session I’ll listen to you, ask some questions, then listen real hard to your answers. I’ll take the concerns you shared, use my experience to put together a menu of effective treatments, then greet you in session 2 with a menu of options we’ll use together to make a treatment plan custom to you. Common to almost all my work is acknowledging your struggles and highlighting your strengths through the lens of positive psychology.


  • Former Houston LPC Association Board Member
  • Level 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Level II
  • Chi Sigma Iota International Honor Society for Counseling
  • Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society for Education

Allie Gray

Corporate Manager

While working towards independent licsensure, I am also answering your calls and emails. I know how difficult and frustrating any office can be, I’m here to make this as easy as possible. Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].