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Relationship Counseling

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Relationship Counseling Services, Houston, Texas

Do you feel like you’ve lost connection with your partner(s)? Maybe you feel like the “argument setting” of your relationship is jammed in place. Or perhaps you’re feeling unseen and unheard, isolated or left behind?

Do you have a local polycule here in Houston? Texas at large? How is your relationship with your polycule? Are they too frenetic? Or maybe they’re not quite up to speed with you.

Do you worry that exploring something you’ve recently discovered in yourself will have a negative impact on your relationship? Or perhaps you’re already experiencing the impact in your relationship(s). Or maybe you’re the one who recently got life-change bombed by your partner.


Relationship counseling can look vastly different depending on the couple, the individuals involved in the relationship(s), and the challenges that are threatening the well being of an existing love connection.

Good relationships are like high-end cabinets: they’re well-planned, custom built, and updated as needed. Sometimes, we may be fully aware of our cabinetry needs, but for whatever reason, we just haven’t found something that’s going to work out for us yet.

If any of this sounds like you, it may be time to explore relationship counseling in a professional setting, either on your own or with your partner(s).

As a relationship counselor serving Greater Houston, and the Greater Texas, we specialize in open, non-monogamous relationships such as polyamory and swinging, alternative lifestyles such as kink / BDSM, LGBT+ and more. Some of the most common ways we serve clients are as follows:


Support for Exploring New Paths, Relationship Dynamics, and Identities

The way in which we see ourselves and how authentically we live our lives is critical to our mental and emotional wellbeing. Often, when an individual begins to embrace their true self, feelings of shame, isolation, or fear can start to well up.  When you take a step into the ‘wild side’ of life, many of the rules you may have learned growing up no longer apply. You might even feel like you need to go out and find yourself an entirely different rule book!

Much like the molecules we learned about in the organic chemistry course we took in college, polycules can be challenging even when they are small. In relationship counseling, my goal is to offer support in communication and compromise so you and your partner(s) can experience freer, more connected daily living.

Pre- Marital, Nesting, or Anchoring with New Partners

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Plus, the people we choose to share our lives with play a major role in our overall quality of live. Those decisions that involve our relationships are some of the most important decisions we make.

We’ve already discussed some of the many challenges that can pop up in a relationship. Before you find yourself getting lost in the angry, yelling argument, relationship counseling will teach you how to have some of the hard conversations that can strengthen and carry a relationship for years.

From that foundation of strength, many polycules make use of legally incorporating, some simply nest, and some participle in handfasting ceremonies. Plus, if you need help working through which of these options is best for you, counseling can help.

Finding Balance for Work, Life, Family, Relationships, and Self

Tough work schedules, demanding bosses, growing children, angsty teens, (overly) involved in-laws, me time, and date nights can make your planner look like the failed revision of a NASA training manual.  While you may already know that burning yourself to keep others warm is pointless, you still may not know what to do. We can help you learn how to set boundaries, delegate responsibilities, and ask for help when needed.


Rebuilding After Infidelity, Cheating, or Breaking of Trust

Trust is a core component at the foundation of any relationship. A lack of trust can completely destroy something no matter how beautiful it once was.

The moment and individual feels lied to by those they love and previously believed in, they can begin to question everything about their life. No longer able to feel sure about anything, it can feel like the whole world has dropped out from underneath them. Even in an open relationship, trust can be violated.

Working together with you and your partner(s), We can help your relationship heal and become restored.

Lack of Intimacy or Mismatched Libidos, Kinks

Intimacy is not just sex and sex is not just about orgasms. The most important organ involved in any of this is the brain. Where the mind leads, the body follows. Aside from being sex grumpy for the 3rd week in a row, rejection itself can lead to feelings of being unwanted or unloved, which can then challenge other parts of a relationship.

For some, having urges or fantasies they feel like they have to reject within themselves can lead to a festering sense of shame and self-loathing. With relationship counseling, we can explore different ways to express intimacy, plus, different ways the bedroom can be used and shared. 

Deescalating or Ending Relationships

As people grow and change, so do the relationships they are in. Sometimes, despite our best intentions and hard work, it is best for a relationship to become less enmeshed. The value and success of a relationship is not measured in time spent together, but growth established.

Polycules can change shape, glom onto other polycules, or change membership. While certainly painful ending relationships can be done in a way that is healthy and lays the groundwork for rebuilding the self.   


Navigating through all the twists and turns, or the highs and lows of relationships can be like a white-knuckled, river rafting expedition you never even took a class on. In my relationship counseling sessions, we help people develop the necessary skills and insights needed to maintain sustainable love in partnership and nurture your personal growth as individuals.

We offer relationship counseling right here in Houston, TX, and we have an eclectic approach that varies from couple to couple. In the first session you talk, and we listen. We may ask a few questions or request clarification regarding certain issues, and then listen even more.


If you would like to take the next step to reconnect and rekindle your passion for yourself, your partner(s), or for any other reasons, contact me using the form below to request a free consultation.