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Alternative Relationship Coaching

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Relationship Expert Coach in Houston Texas

You possess the power to redefine the future of your relationship. At times, all you need is guidance to point you in the best direction. That’s what my relationship coaching can offer you.

When a relationship you care about is opening up or trying something new, you may not know whom to ask for help with such a personal problem. Friends and family may not understand or agree with how you imagine your love life going. A marriage guidance counselor or a couple’s therapist can feel like too much. We will create a haven and plan to share your experiences with openness and honesty with my relationship coaching.

Dating Game

You might be frustrated with dating as a single person, newly open couple, or trying something different out.  You may not be getting the results you anticipated in an ethical nonmongamy community that seems too small, far way, large, or aggressive. You could be at a loss for words in your messages and lacking the slightest clue on how to respond to initiate any form of interest. Possibly you have reached out and could almost hear the pitchforks sharpening as people told you “you’re doing it wrong”.Men can spend hours online trying to connect and feel like they’re shouting into the void, women can be overwhelmed with people who clearly did not read the profile. You might even have dates that would ghost on you, or you’re just stuck up in the ‘friend zone,’ and you don’t have time to waste.

Couples, who otherwise were doing fine, may find points of jealousy, anger, or miscommunication where there were none before. Mismatched expectations, mismatched experiences, mismatched understanding, and mismatched goals. Some wish they could put the cat back in the bag, others feel they could never go back to a life so closed. Compromises and agreements are made out of great inventions or self sacrifice, but they can’t last.

No matter the level of your predicament, we can assure you that all hope is not lost! We can work together to eliminate your biggest dating dilemmas, and you can smile at your dating life once more.

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

One of the litmus tests for a genuine relationship is conflict. According to Michael Batshaw, LCSW, author of 51 Things You Should Know Before Getting Married, “engaging in conflict will not ruin the relationship; avoiding confrontation [may].” There are several reasons individuals avoid confrontation in relationships, but what cost to our mental health and relationship?

You may feel that your relationship isn’t going anywhere, that you’re spinning wheels. A problem marriage might seem to head for the rocks. Not being able to find a date might seem like you’re never going to date. That family issue might look like someone would be ostracized.

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel; never feel you’re alone. Just as that relationship problem exists, so does a solution. The exciting thing is that we hold the key to all our closed doors.

There’s hope for you.

Your Expected End

Imagine what it would look like if all the traffic lights on the highway turned ‘GREEN.’ What a thrilling journey you would enjoy. Now we want you to picture a scenario where you can find the perfect date, no longer roleplaying being polyamorous or a swinger, but in fact, decide who you want to date and go for it!

Imagine what it would be like when you have a blissful polycule. Imagine relationships built on commitment, understanding, and security. Would you take the time to imagine a world where you have perfect bonding with every member of your group? Imagine thanksgiving, and see all your partners, metamours, and close friends showing up because there is love, not hate. There is peace, not disunity. There is trust and not exaggerated fear. You all look out for each other.

As your guide on the side, it is my job to help you get to where you want to be. Using my expertise, we can work with you to achieve success in relationships, however they may look. We can set goals and execute strategies to help you get the lifestyle you want,

My Expert Approach

During my relationship coaching, we can help you learn new skills, sharpen old ones, and explore decisions to build meaningful relationships. Many find that progress in their relationships will indirectly have a rippling effect on other areas of life, such as mental health, fitness, careers, and even hobbies.

According to research, positive relationships can help a person become healthier, happier, and live longer. More so, keep in mind that being in the ‘thick’ of high-conflict relationships is very bad for our health. Hence, addressing our relationship problems is essential for our happiness and health.

What To Expect

My Coaching Session often include:

  • Ongoing audio or video sessions
  • Support between sessions via email
  • Personalized recommendations for information and resources

Let’s Get Started

The number one indicator in coaching like relationships is how well the coach and coached “click”. we offer short, free consultations so you can try before you buy. During the first session, we’ll talk about the story so far and come up with a few goals that are most foundational to your next steps in life.