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I believe everyone deserves to have a  therapist who understands and accepts them for who they are. Those whose lives are the embodiment of “coloring outside the lines” of social norms should not have to defend their choices where someone may consider them symptoms or causes of the actual mental or relationship challenges they are facing. I am passionate about the idea that what makes me weird makes me wondrous, not wrong.

Wherever you live in Texas, from the sprawling metropolises of Houston, Dallas / Fortworth, Austin, San Antonio, or El Paso or the more quaint towns like Wink, Ottine, Kenefick, or Langtry, you deserve a therapist that “gets” you before you even have the first session.

Over the last decade telehealth services have shown to be as effective as in person visits while allowing you to have access to more comprehensive lists of professionals, such as those that specialize in polyamory, swinging, kink, BSDM, LGBT+, or alternative faiths.

While some therapists were forced to lurch into online therapy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Love Let Out, PLLC was always envisioned as a hybrid online and in home / office business meant to accommodate the most people with the least hassle on their part. Using modern technology you can attend sessions without a commute dressed in your pajamas, kilt, corset, Texas flag pants, or whatever you’re comfortable in that is more than your birthday suit. For those that might not be ready to be loud and proud with those around, being in your own home allows for privacy and discretion.

You also save time and money not driving to an office, rather joining our sessions on your phone, laptop, or desktop. Texas traffic can be no joke. Since you can use your phone, you can also have your telehealth session wherever you like, one of my most inspirational clients caught sunrises on the beach during a few sessions. One of my busier clients had just put a load of laundry in the wash and finished folding another load after we finished. I’ve also had the fortune to meet a lot of supportive cats, dogs, and other fur babies… even having to de-escalate a cockatiel. We can meet where you are most comfortable and at your discretion, with whom you are most comfortable.

Telehealth can look like video chats, phone conversations, emails, texts, or hybrids of these approaches together. We can create custom treatment approaches as you feel them to be the most appropriate and beneficial for you.

If you or someone you know is struggling to find the time, energy, or niche knowledgeable enough counselor, contact me below for a free telehealth consultation.