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Post Traumatic Growth

Roughly 1 in 10 combat veterans suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Not every traumatic event leaves a person only hurt, about half to two-thirds experience Post Traumatic Growth. Generally people can come out of negative experiences surviving, striving, or thriving. Surviving means they may never be fully restored, striving means they return to roughly the same standard as before the event, thriving means they’ve actually become stronger.

Trauma can be a “shake up” moment that encourages change. Generally those open to new experiences find growth.

Generally we see growth in 5 ways

  • Relationships
  • Engaging in new life journeys
  • Greater appreciation for their own life
  • Finding new personal strengths
  • Greater spirituality

We can cultivate growth by

  • Reframe stress, don’t stress about being stressed
    • Don’t minimize suffering or focus on “fixing”
  • Look for moments of growth and self reflection when stressed, especially those with personal value
  • Practice Self Soothing Strategies

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