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Resilient Grieving

There is no right way to grieve. Also, there’s three ways people come back from loss. They survive, are restored, or thrive. Survivors make it through the hurt, and may always have an emotional limp. Those who are restored come out of the hurt about as well as before the loss. Those that thrive come back stronger and tend to use the strategies and mindsets below to help. Here’s some ideas that may help you thrive.


  • Avoid blaming others or becoming victims. Framing yourself, the person you have lost, or those around the loss as victims can stall our own recovery and keep you in a vortex of blame, pain, and misery.
  • Focus on what can be changed. You can’t change the past, working on accepting what can not be changed, then focusing on where one can move on has great benefit. There will be some hard feelings, hard moments, and hard work in the process of grieving, try to use your energy where you can help yourself the most.
  • Choose life, not death. The mindset here is to choose life and not lose what you have to what you have lost. To help with this, find strategies to accept the good things that are still in your life and seek out ways to cultivate / highlight positive emotions.

Further Resources: Dr. Lucy Hone

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