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Growing Stronger from Trauma

Looking at the positives of a traumatic event is a core component of optimism, and a useful way to identify the personal resources that help us cope with adversity.


This write up helps you find the silver linings of a traumatic experience, while appreciating the strengths that you have developed as a result.


Use it to explore the strengths that you used to cope with your past trauma, and the new ones you’ve come out with as a result. The goal of this exercise is to help you cultivate a more balanced, positive perspective on trauma and adversity while recognizing ways to deal with future challenges.



  • Begin by listing five personal strengths that you already possessed prior to your experience. If you struggle with that, maybe start here.
  • Next, identify those that you believe helped you to cope with the trauma.
  • Taking some time to consider how you’ve developed, next list any new strengths that you feel you’ve developed as a result.
  • Reflect on your new strengths; write freely about how you feel about them

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