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Thanksgiving Checklist

Consider, or select from below, 3 – 5 things you really appreciate about your partner(s), then tell your partner what you are thankful for. Example, “I really appreciate how patient you are with my moods.”

Tell your partner(s) the things you value and give thanks to them for these things.

  • Their energy
  • How you feel about their strength
  • They way they’re commanding
  • The way they let you direct things
  • How sensitive they are to you
  • How they support you and respond to your moods
  • Their ability to read you
  • How you feel about their:
    • Skin
    • Face
    • Warmth
    • Strength
    • Hair
    • Tenderness
    • Imagination
    • Eyes
    • Passion
  • How you feel about the way they touch you
  • How safe you feel with them
  • The way you trust them
  • Their knowledge of you
  • Their gracefulness
  • The way they kiss you
  • Their playfulness
  • Their competence as a
    • Partner
    • Parent
  • How they are a friend
  • Their humor
  • Their sense of fashion
  • Their loyalty
  • Anything else about them?