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Resilience is the ability to bounce back and grow from negative emotional experiences and by flexible adaptation to the changing demands of stressful experiences


Variables that contribute to resilience

  • Biology
  • Self awareness
    • Tracking your emotions, thoughts, reactions
    • Awareness of body
    • Knowing your strengths, correcting for weaknesses
  • Self regulation
  • Mental agility, look at things from multiple perspectives
    • Perspective taking
    • Problem solving
  • Optimism, engine of resilience, believing in the hope for a better future
    • Separate what you can control, accepting what you can’t
    • Seeing stressors as challenges, not threats
  • Self efficacy, self mastery
  • Connection
    • Attachment styles
    • Relationships, having someone(s) to rely on
    • Spirituality, attached to something larger than yourself
  • Positive institutions
    • Family (choice / origin), community, workplace

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