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Relationship Climate Survey

Use this questionnaire to assess, on a regular basis, how things are going in your relationship and whether you want to gently bring up an issue that will draw the two of you closer together.


Circle as many of the following items as you think apply. If you have four items present in your relationship you may want to talk things over GENTLY with your partner within the next three days.

  • I have been acting irritably lately.
  • I have been feeling emotionally distant.
  • There has been a lot of tension between us.
  • I find myself wanting to be somewhere else.
  • I have been feeling lonely.
  • My partner has seemed emotionally unavailable to me.
  • I have been angry lately.
  • We have been out of touch with each other.
  • My partner has little idea of what I am thinking lately.
  • We have been under a great deal of stress, and it has taken its toll on us.
  • I wish we were closer right now.
  • I have wanted to be alone a lot lately.
  • My partner has been acting emotionally distant.
  • My partner’s attention seems to be somewhere else.
  • I have been emotionally unavailable to my partner.
  • My partner has been angry lately.
  • I have little idea of what my partner is thinking lately.
  • My partner has wanted to be alone a lot lately.
  • We really need to talk.
  • We haven’t been communicating very well lately.
  • We have been fighting more than usual.
  • Lately, small issues escalate.
  • We have been hurting one another’s feelings lately.
  • There hasn’t been very much fun or joy in our lives lately.
  • My partner seems to have no time or energy for me lately.
  • I have been feeling sorry for myself lately.
  • We have had little time or energy for physical affection.
  • We are not making love very much.
  • I wish my partner would touch me more often.

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