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Creating Vision

It is important to let your partner know what your dreams are for yourself, or for the relationship, or for family relationships. Take this time to share your vision for yourself and for your relationships.

Focus for the Speaker
Discuss the hopes and dreams that you have for yourself (#1), or for the relationship (#2). Do not worry about how to make this happen at this point or even if it is realistic. If you are not sure what your dreams are, try exploring possibilities and brainstorming. Remember, keep the focus on you and your dreams. Below are some examples of areas for individual dreams. Feel free to add your own ideas.

  • Areas in which you may have individual dreams or hopes:
    • Growth/development/personal goals
    • Interests, passion, hobbies, fun, activities
    • Relationships with family, friends
    • Spirituality
    • Community, service, altruism, citizenship
    • Add your own ideas
  • Areas in which you may have dreams and hopes for the couple relationship or family.

Describe your hopes and dreams for some aspect of relationship. Below are some ideas or themes that you could talk about.

  • Partnership
  • Teamwork
  • Parenting
  • Communication
  • Expressing affection and caring
  • Sexuality
  • Managing emotions
  • Expressing needs
  • Sharing interests
  • Having fun
  • Spirituality

Questions to Ask the Speaker About Their Dream

  • Tell me your dream.
  • Give me some examples of this dream. What would it look like?
  • Describe what makes this dream important.
  • Are there any personal beliefs you have about this dream?
  • What would it mean to you to have this happen?
  • What would be the worst thing if this dream did not happen?
  • What do you imagine things would be like if this were to happen?
  • Does this dream relate to your history in some way?
  • Are there any feelings you have left out?

Once done, consider goal setting.

Have any thoughts, questions, suggestions, or comments on this article? Broken link? Wondering how to this can be applied, modified, or adapted to your polyamorous, swinging, kink/ BDSM, or otherwise interesting relationship? Feel free to reach out to us here.