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(Lunar) New Year's Reflection

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The year of the Rabbit is soon to be gone, much like the excitement many Westerners have for those Gregorian New Year’s Resolutions. If your resolutions required a vast network of monetary and internal resources¬† you’ve never been able to focus on your goals before, great news! You can get a do over 2/10/24! One that is a little more informed. Be you a wise dragon, a covetous dragon, an ancient dragon, or a young dragon playing in the streams, let us ask ourselves some questions.

Instructions for Personal Reflection:

  • Reflect on events in your life that you are proud of.
  • Narrate psychological triumphs, gains, and instances when things went better than expected.
  • Describe periods of stress, duress, and how you coped, including small but personally significant events.
  • Reflect on enduring and enduring glories, lasting effects, and how positive events shaped your self-perception, goals, and capabilities.
  • Consider your response to your accomplishments and the role of your goals in striving.

Specifics (by yourself of with others)

1. Goals:

  • Explore individual and shared life goals, hopes, aspirations, and dreams.
  • Discuss or reflect on the influence of different relationships on goals and life missions.
  • Evaluate common ground, differences, and satisfaction with goal accomplishment.

2. Symbols:

  • Define the meanings of home, peacefulness, family, marriage, love, money, fun, play, trust, freedom, autonomy, independence, and more.
  • Discuss or reflect common ground, discrepancies, and satisfaction with these symbolic areas of life.

3. Roles:

  • Explore everyday roles such as worker, spouse, parent, and the balance between work, relationship, and family.
  • Discuss or reflect on time allocation, common ground, discrepancies, and role fulfillment.

4. Rituals:

  • Investigate everyday rituals like family dinners, reunions, mornings, fun times, dates, weekends, and more.
  • Explore how you conducts errands, plans time, and engages in community rituals.
  • Discuss or reflect on common ground, discrepancies, satisfaction, and potential conflicts in the area of rituals.


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