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Intrusive Thoughts

Obsessive thinking does not solve problems, you become stuck in set thoughts and feelings. This pairs very well with self soothing strategies.


  • Make a list. Write your thoughts down, then add what triggers them, then add what you can do about the trigger.
  • 3 – 90 Second Rule. Let yourself think the thought  or have the emotion for 3 to 90 seconds, then choose something else to think about. A feeling, memory, fantasy, or affirmation.
  • Learn how to relax. Say “relax” in your mind, remind yourself you’re going to be ok. Notice what muscles are tight and relax them one area at a time.
  • Be in the present, with presence. Choose to focus on exactly where you are at this moment, not the future or past.
  • Distractions. Find something else to do.
  • Change Emotional Responses
  • Thought stopping. We can’t keep ourselves from thinking, but we can say, “Stop” to them.
  • Mindfulness. Begin with guided meditations (youtube?). The more you practice outside of situations when mindfulness could help, the better you’ll be when you do need it.

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