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Focus and Build Signature Strengths

So what happens when we use our signature strengths more? Marty Seligman and his colleagues asked research participants to use their strengths in new ways every day for a week. They then compared them to a group who were asked to write down childhood memories every day for a week, to see if there were any differences in well-being. This exercise increased participants’ happiness levels for up to six months compared to considering childhood memories.


  1. Identify your Signature Strengths by going to the VIA Survey of Character Strengths here.
    1. Go here to learn more about your Signature Strengths.
  2. Take a survey (maybe here) addressing a quality of life you want to improve and record the results.
  3.  For one (1) week, find a new way to use one of your Signature Strengths in a new way.
  4. Write down how you used your strength in a new way, how you felt about it, and what the outcome(s) was / were (including a second go through of the survey before).

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