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Design Your Own Positive Psychology Intervention

Design Your Own Positive Psychology Intervention


Because of the Hedonic Treadmill, people never just stay happy, it requires maintenance. Here we will look at making our own interventions for happiness and fulfillment.





  • Pick a signature strength from among your top five VIA Strengths to use as the basis for their positive intervention. 


  • Find a target strength for the positive intervention from among the 48 strength absence or strength opposite conditions you experience at home, work, or play. 


  • Design a positive intervention to use your signature strength to bolster or support their strength which is currently misapplied or absent for at least a week.


  • Retake the PERMA and PANAS, and / or another survey which may be relevant to the challenge you are working on, such as the Grit Survey for resilience to gauge effectiveness of your intervention after at least a week.


  • Compare and contrast any change in those scores. 


  • Consider if the intervention was successful or if it needs changes, possibly by having those around you also look at the design and outcomes. 


Have any thoughts, questions, suggestions, or comments on this article? Wondering how to this can be applied, modified, or adapted to your polyamorous, swinging, kink/ BDSM, or otherwise interesting relationship? Feel free to reach out to us here.