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Consultation for Other Therapist in Ethical Non-Monogamy and Other Alternative Lifestyle Areas

It’s a wild, weird, wide world out here. I have no doubt that for the niche you specialize in, you are above and beyond amazing. I know we both took more diversity classes and CEU’s than you can shake a stick at. I also know there is no way for every therapist to have native level understanding of every type of culture that makes up our society, like some of my favorite alternative lifestyles: polyamory, swinging, Kink / BDSM, LGBTQIA+, and alternative faiths like paganism and wicca.

Years ago I already had a masters in Educational Leadership, got a 4.0 in it! I worked in public education, kindergarten through high school, for almost two decades. Then I went with a partner I was in an open relationship with to see a therapist for their mental health diagnosis. That therapist was phenomenal! Years of experience, so kind and understanding. We spent the first two sessions teaching her the vocabulary of our daily lives. Metas, polycules, polybombing, on / off premises, soft swap, feeder play, rope bunny… There was no reason to expect her to know everything, but the rapport was so challenged it delayed progress in treating the actual diagnosis. Then I went with a friend, then I heard more stories, then I became a community leader and saw more. Facilitating a peer discussion group for the Montrose Center a member said, “well none of are therapists, who knows.” The heavens opened and angels sang, I had heard my calling. I went back for my second masters (another 4.0, self high five!) and got to work treating my fun alternative lifestyle people.

I can not replace your voice, I don’t specialize in what you do. If the primary concern is trauma, I’m referring out to an EMDR practitioner. If it’s substance abuse, I’m looking for sober living resources. If it’s loss, I’m finding a grief specialist. 

What I beg is, if one of my community comes to you, please let me support you in helping them.

I am a well practiced presenter and polynator that used to do stage comedy. I can provide custom trainings and presentations to help you or your practice be prepared for some of the rarer shades of beautiful the human experience can be.