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Common Trauma Triggers

Triggers lead to implicit memories which lead to feelings, feelings not based on memories or actual stimuli.


This list represents the most common, but unfortunately not all,  possible triggers:

  1. Authority figures
  2. Being asked questions
  3. Being the center of attention
  4. Being put on the spot
  5. Being ignored
  6. Being told “No”
  7. Commitment
  8. Confrontation
  9. Criticism or feedback
  10. Emotions or vulnerability
  11. Eye contact
  12. Having to say “Yes”
  13. Home and family
  14. Intimacy
  15. Loud noises and scents
  16. Males / Females
  17. Night time, sleep
  18. Not being allowed to speak
  19. Performance demands
  20. Recall of traumatic events
  21. Self-disclosure
  22. Therapist silence
  23. Therapy and therapists
  24. Unfamiliar stimuli

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